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  • June 6, 2014

    Here we are on the day before the first Symposium Iron Pour. Seems like a long time that we have been working but it is  really only a couple of weeks. I was quite busy all day and didn’t really have time to take any photos so this blog will …

  • June 5

    The past two days have been very busy so I was not able to post any new information. The good news is that these days were very productive in terms of preparations. The crane arrived at 8 AM and we turned Tamsie’s mold over, repositioned Liz & Ben’s molds, moved …

  • Sunday at Pedvale

    Sunday at Pedvale

    After the excursion on Saturday, work continued at Pedvale. Ojars keeps his finger on the pulse of the Sculpture Park and is always ready to help. Victor’s mold is complete. Tamsie still has to turn her big mold over and do the second side. Ben and Liz prepared their molds …

  • More about the excursion

    More about the excursion

    Our host in Roja was Maris Grosbahs. Maris has organized several Art Symposia in Roja and elsewhere and works in a variety of media. On the day of our visit he was running his Raku kiln. Although Maris is well known for his fired pots ,he is equally known for …

  • Couple of busy days

    Couple of busy days

    The Lilacs are just another reminder that it is Spring here in Latvia. The cold weather broke on Sat with warmer temps and  some sunshine. We spent the morning working on molds and then took an excursion in the afternoon. The Symposium Artists, Visiting Professors and Pedvale  Officials went to …

  • Preparations continue.

    Preparations continue.

    Immediately adjacent to our mold-making / casting area Ojar is having his workers construct this huge firewood dome! Everyone is jealous of the scale . But, we persist. Today we built the flask for Victor and  are filling it with sand. Here are a few step-by-step images: The silica sand …

  • Cold weather doesn’t stop the symposium

    Cold weather doesn’t stop the symposium

    This is the third day of very chilly weather. Highs only in the 40’s F  and showers as well this morning ! But we carry on with preparations for the  first pouring day on June 8. Liz and Ben’s molds were turned over today  so that the top sections of …

  • Second Monday of the Symposium

    I don’t know the name of this flower, but the meadow is full of them. We are starting the second week of the Symposium and the weather has been perfect. Unseasonably warm and no rain has made for excellent working conditions. The first half of all the cement molds should …

  • Sunday is not a day off at this symposium

    Sunday is not a day off at this symposium

    Victor’s large stone needed to be moved so he could start carving. Ojars is guiding the placement of the wood blocks for safety.   Ojars has some help in encouraging Daniel Postellon to “Go Big”! Large molds are being made with cement as a binder. This is traditional at Pedvale …

  • First Friday of the Stone/ Iron Symposium

    First Friday of the Stone/ Iron Symposium

    The apple trees in the orchard here at Pedvale are in full bloom. This is a fantastic venue for sculpture and a complete delight to the senses. In the stone yard adjacent to the orchard  are two crates sent from Buffalo by Ken Payne. The big Bull Ladle , refractory …

  • The iron/Stone Symposium has officially started!

    The iron/Stone Symposium has officially started!

    I took the opportunity early this morning to walk through this beautiful Sculpture Park before the work of the symposium begins for the second day. Ojars Feldberg’s goal to place sculpture in nature is succeeding at every level. As one walks through the Park natural forms and sculptures complete for …

  • Iron / Stone Symposium begins!

    After  about 24 hours of somewhat irritating travel I have arrived  at Pedvale Open Air Museum and Sculpture Park to start working with a diverse group of artists on creating major new sculptures for the collection.  This is all a run-up to the 7th  International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron …

  • Another video

    Don’t even know what this is about! Another sentence

  • Delta State Interview

    Delta State Interview

    This interview was made  during the installation of a sculpture at Delta State University in Cleveland Mississippi.

  • Iron casting

    Iron casting

    I’ve been casting iron for thirty years as part of my work as a sculptor and as part of my teaching. Some aspects of this activity are covered in this video.  

  • 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (ICCCA)

    7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (ICCCA)

    For More information please visit Iron Conference Home   /   Steering Committee STEERING COMMITTEE September 26, 2013 · by admin · in Conference News Directors Ojārs Feldbergs Director, Open-Air Museum at Pedvale, LV pedvale(at)pedvale(dot)lv Tamsie Ringler Associate Professor of Sculpture, St. Catherine University, MN, US tamsie(at)spiritone(dot)com Kārlis Alainis Teacher of Sculpture, Latvian Academy of Art, LV karlis(dot)alainis(at)lma(dot)lv Advisory …

  • Sample post #4

    Sample post #4

    Detail of stainless steel sculpture with QR Code.

  • Sample Post #3

    Sample Post #3

    Detail of cast iron vessel.

  • video post about “Fluke” from an observor

    video post about “Fluke” from an observor

  • Drawing Working Symposium

    “Technologies of Drawing” Huddersfield, Great Britain 2. – 28 August 2011 In cooperation with the University of Huddersfield The University of Huddersfield and the European organisation “sculpture network” selected 15 artists to work in university studios for four days, with an aim to enquire about and represent the idea of drawing across …